We operate with complete transparency, providing a daily feed of activity and showing results. You meet with a principal to develop an exclusive solution based on your needs and our agreements will include benchmarks you can hold us accountable for.

We use the latest technology. Kopp has vast experience with interfacing and integrating with most major software programs that healthcare providers use today. We leverage these products as well as our proprietary solutions with a special commitment to the security of your information.

You can trust Kopp. In addition to our decades in the revenue cycle management business and hundreds of satisfied clients, we back all our services with person-to-person accountability. You get a dedicated account manager and a strong support team that know your policy and procedures so we can communicate with you directly whenever you need to resolve issues promptly and thoroughly.

As reimbursement falls and costs increase, providers must maximize the appropriate realization on their accounts receivable without over committing personnel and financial resources. We specialize in early-out self-pay, medical billing services, medical coding and auditing, targeted business office outsourcing and collections.

Unlike many large, national firms, Kopp will work with your existing systems, staff and policies to develop the optimal solution. Our flexibility and decades of experience ensure easy transition and tangible results.